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Day 4,285 - Phi Phi Le, Thailand
14:24hrs - February 23, 2019
Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway

Susan Jeffers wrote “The only way to get rid of the fear of doing something is to go out and…do it!”

I have always had what I believed was a reasonable fear of being submerged underwater far away from fresh air, so scuba diving has never made it past the starting line for me.  

I understand the logical argument that in theory I shouldn't drown because I'd be attached to a tank full of air with a little tube to breathe through, but in my mind even with all the right equipment I would still be relying on air making it through the little tube and into my lungs, and I just wasn’t convinced, it really never seemed foolproof enough for me, and given my patchy snorkeling record, I need foolproof. 

So for the last 12 years I’ve convinced myself that all the fun stuff (and the warmer water) was near the surface so why on earth go to all the trouble and expense of swimming so far down, where by the way, I’d also decided it would probably be a bit dark and almost certainly cold. And besides what could be better than snorkeling about on the warm pretty surface with as much air as a person could ever want.

So anyway, this week after 12 years of convincing procrastinations disguised as really good excuses, I’ve decided it’s time to figure out what’s stopping me from doing this thing, and try.  

A few weeks ago when our gorgeous sailing friends Carol and Livia came to visit they did a dive with a little boutique dive company in Phi Phi Le called Blue View Divers. Through that encounter I met Natalie, one of their brilliant instructors. It was just a brief exchange as they dropped Neville and Carol back at our boat, but when we chatted and she said she was an instructor for some reason I decided then and there that now was going to be the time to give up this long held fear, and go for it.

So, this week with the careful help of the expert, kind, patient, friendly, energetic and dynamic Natalie, I can now say that after 1 pool lesson and 4 never to forget scuba dives to about 40 feet:

1. Scuba diving is excellent fun!
2. Natalie is the best instructor ever!
3. And that I can’t wait to do it again!

These are three things I didn't imagine I would ever say. Neville is also very happy about this long awaited skill development as he now has a Dory Mate, and a dive buddy!  


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February 4, 2019 (Day 4,267)
Quick Fix: 07° 57.8 N / 98° 23.2 E
Phuket, Thailand

Super Cruisers
The list of friends you'd want to invite onto your boat for 2 weeks, particularly when your boat is only 38 feet long, is, not surprisingly, a select one. Even the dearest of friends, as Livia has confided, "begin to stink after a while." Space is a premium; you all share one tiny bathroom (about the size of those found on domestic flights); while water and power are all rationed like you're surviving an apocalypse. But it helps if your friends are cruisers. We first met Carol and Livia 8 years ago deep in the South Pacific when, as luck would have it, our rhumb lines crossed in French Polynesia. With similar passions we became fast friends and for 2 epic seasons we cruised together, and kite surfed, and spearfished, and scuba dived... and sampled local beers next to driftwood beach fires at sunset, and it was a cruising high. Our reunion has been pure joy and, not surprisingly, even after 2 whole weeks together, we all smell just fine.



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