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Return To Paradise
Where We Were Today... June 28, 2011
Raivavae, French Polynesia

We had just completed our second longest passage, 2,555 nautical miles, 24 days at sea, sailing from New Zealand 'uphill' back to Tahiti. Besides the 30 foot seas, a gale and a broken forestay (the photo above shows our headsail lashed to the starboard lifelines), it was an uneventful passage. Read our June 28th, 2011 entry >

June 22, 2020 (Day 4,770)
Quick Fix: 26° 24.3 N / 81° 52.8 W
Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Before, During & After
We're slowly working our way aft through Dream Time - repairing, improving and upgrading each compartment, cabin and storage area one section at a time. We started in the anchor locker and over two weeks we removed and serviced the Lewmar V4 windlass (dismantled the motor, installed new brushes, new terminal studs, wiring, connectors and gave the rusty case a sand and a fresh coat of paint). We also discovered the backing plate for the lower bobstay mount (which was fiber glassed over) has been quietly corroding away unseen, so we cut out the glass, removed the old aluminium plate and installed a shiny new 1/4" stainless steel instead. And then we sanded / painted the entire locker with Total Bilge (white paint which we tinted tan, using brown pigment, to match the original Cabo Rico color). The locker is like new, better than new, in fact. Now, we only have the rest of the boat to finish before we go cruising again...


Lone Rider
Where We Were Today... June 17, 2012
Toau, French Polynesia

French Polynesia was our cruising highlight - for over two years we explored remote, unspoiled tropical atolls and islands in the heart of the South Pacific. There has been nowhere else quite like it. Read our June 17th, 2012 entry >

Ni Vanuatu Kustom
Where We Were Today... June 15, 2015
Avokh Island, Vanuatu

After weathering a gale in Norfolk Island we arrived in Vanuatu just two months after super cyclone Pam devastated many areas of the archipelago. We sailed north through the chain, delivering bags of roofing nails, hammers and saws to some of the most affected villages. We also stopped in Pelonk village and were lucky enough to witness a traditional smol nambas ceremony. Read our June 15th, 2015 entry >

June 9, 2020 (Day 4,757)
Quick Fix: 26° 24.3 N / 81° 52.8 W
Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Wear & Tear
Replacing engine mounts. Painting brackets. Cleaning oil coolers. Replacing the heat exchanger core. A new exhaust elbow. New coolant hoses, gaskets, o-rings and clamps... It's not particularly glamorous work but after accumulating 5,000 engine hours, it's necessary. While Dream Time rests eight inches higher on the water, emptied of all storage, supplies and gear, we're deep into project mode. We've re-galvanized our primary chain and even both anchors. Tomorrow I'll be removing the Lewmar V4 windlass for inspection and a service, then it'll be six months of sanding, cleaning and painting the inside of all lockers, cabinets and storage areas. The head floor will be getting a fresh layer of gelcoat, and after that, the entire cabin - every bulkhead, door and piece of teak trim will be stripped, sanded and varnished. After thirteen years of wear and tear, Dream Time has earned it.


Let's Build A Bar!
Where We Were Today... June 8, 2013
Fakarava, French Polynesia

An impressive storm system brought debris and wreckage to the shores of Fakarava and what began as a simple clean-up operation turned into a Robinson Crusoe construction project complete with a swinging bar, coconut palm tables, stools and benches. Read our June 8th, 2013 entry >

Molto Bene!
Where We Were Today... June 3, 2019
Amalfi, Italy

Discussing the weather with an Italian fisherman. One day we will cross the Atlantic, return to the Mediterranean and spend another season (or two) exploring the Amalfi coast, the Aeolian Islands and Sicily. Besides, we've got new friends there that we'd love to see. Read our June 3rd, 2019 entry >

A Crook Hook in Cook
Where We Were Today... June 2, 2018
Cook Town, Australia

After striking a reef, Captain Cook careened a damaged Endeavor up a muddy, crocodile and mosquito infested estuary to make repairs. 248 years later, almost to the day, Dream Time anchored in the very same inlet. We arrived undamaged but departed with a broken pulpit, Our repairs would have to wait until Darwin, over one thousand nautical miles away. Read our June 2nd, 2018 entry >

First Day of Hurricane Season
Where We Were Today... June 1, 2008
San Pedro, Belize

It's the first day of hurricane season and already we've had two named storms - Arthur and Bertha. And ironically, on June 1st, 2008, Dream Time was hit by another tropical storm Arthur, the first of the season. Sixty-five boats sank where we were anchored in Belize and most of the boats around us dragged. Dream Time, thankfully, survived unscathed. Read our June 1st, 2008 entry >