To experience Dream Time's fourteen-year voyage please select the chart above to browse by region, enjoy published stories in our press area, or simply drift amongst the years and months of previous entries. We hope you enjoy the journey.

Until fresh charts are unfurled and new sails raised, we shall continue to feature a collection of Dream Time's most memorable moments from her world voyage:

Pago Pago, American Samoa

First impressions of this American territory, the only inhabited American territory in the southern hemisphere, is as rough as the local transport system. But after a few weeks we didn't want to leave. Experience this moment >

Sperlinga, Sicily

Mount Etna welcomed us to Italy with a plume of volcanic ash, while a road trip took us from our anchorage in Taormina to Sperlinga - a village in the heart of Sicily carved from solid rock. Experience this moment >

Apataki, French Polynesia

A few months ago I returned to Apataki to help a good friend sail his boat back to Hawaii. Thankfully little has changed at the Apataki Carenage, it is still a boat ramp to paradise. Experience this moment >

Penang, Malaysia

Discovering hidden art on the crumbling UNESCO streets of Penang.
Experience this moment >

Tuamotus, French Polynesia

In the center of the South Pacific, in the middle of the dangerous archipelagoes, sharing an entire lagoon, with our closest cruising friends. Experience this moment >

Symi, Greece

Our favorite Med-mooring experience. Stern tied to a stone quay in the picturesque pastel-colored village of Yialos and stepping off the quarter deck right into the middle of a Mediterranean postcard. Experience this moment >


The contrast of Indian culture, on a Melanesian archipelago, is quite stunning. Experience this moment >

A New Territory

We had intended to spend three months exploring the South Pacific's third largest island, which rests inside the world's largest lagoon, but we stayed for fifteen. Experience this moment >

Kuna Yala

Our journey to the San Blas, an autonomous region in Panama and home to the Kuna Yala, was similar to our voyage into Vanuatu eight years later - it felt like we had sailed back in time. Experience this moment >

The Bungle Bungles - Australia

A view from 2,300 feet. From riverbed to mountain range in 350 million years. This ancient maze of towering sandstone domes was, remarkably, only discovered by tourism in 1983. Experience this moment >


Streets of Havana

Cuba was the first country we raised on our world tour and our visit in Havana just happened to coincide with the revolutionary leader, Fidel Castro, stepping down as Minister/President after his 49-year rule. Experience this moment >


Naghol - Pentecost, Vanuatu

We have witnessed fire walking ceremonies in Fiji, heiva in Tahiti, lakalaka in Tonga, haka dances in New Zealand, even a four day matava'a o te henua enan
festival in the Marquesas, but none compare to the unforgettable intensity of naghol. Experience this moment >

The Door to Africa - Tangier, Morocco

The 'door to Africa' - exploring a network of hidden alleyways and bazaars in an ancient port city that dates back to 10,000 years BC. Experience this moment >


Window Washing - Atlantic Ocean

Our sail south, along the African coastline to Cape Verde, was fast and wet, with thirty knots of wind and ten foot seas - the Atlantic was having fun with us. Experience this moment >