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"We enjoy working with i&D for their creativity and energy - they go above and beyond and get the job done."
- Group Manager, Marketing, Panasonic System Solutions Company


a big brand for big screens
Olympic stadiums, cruise ships, Times Square in New York City, Astrovision displays captivate and entertain audiences around the world. To increase product awareness and sales across new markets, i&D developed an exclusive sales presentation and promotional event including identity design and brand, marketing materials and a warehouse showroom - the only space large enough to house these thirty-foot displays.

From tagline to tote bags, i&D designed and produced all aspects of this event, including custom viewing stations, HD animations, event signage, sales packages, branded construction hats, even ‘big ideas at work’ cautionary tape to build a dynamic and persuasive environment to showcase the impressive B2B benefits and returns of these giant screens.



identity design
brand development
promotional packages
tradeshow materials
event planning

  wide-eyed with wonder! this BIG brand conveyed both the emotion of viewing an astrovision for the first time & the display's impressive ROI  

  building business - hard hat giveaways were worn by customers after the event at a nearby 1.8 million sq ft mall development  

  from floor to ceiling - banners, animations, decals, even 'big ideas at work' caution tape transformed a drab NJ warehouse into an impressive deal-making showroom  








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