Just joined us? Welcome aboard! Use the links below to catch up on some of our most memorable moments.


Aug 1, 2017   Lady Musgrave, Australia
Worth The Wait
Apr 15, 2017   Coral Bay, Australia
A Big Fish!
Jan 1, 2017   Sydney, Australia
Happy New Year!
Apr 30, 2016   Noumea, New Caledonia
Touring Grande Terre
Jul 23, 2015   Tanna, Vanuatu
Mount Yasur - the world's most accessible volcano
Jul 3, 2015   Pentecost, Vanuatu
Naghol - the land divers of Pentecost
Oct 8, 2013   Tutuila, American Samoa
Samoan Souvenir
Jun 23, 2013   Fakarava, Tuamotus
Jun 29, 2012   Toau, Tuamotus
A Cautionary Tale
Jan 27, 2012   Moorea, French Polynesia
Where the Wild Rays Roam
Dec 15, 2011   Nuku Hiva, Marquesas
The Matava'a o te Henua Enana - 'The Eyes Open' festival
June 22, 2011   Passage - New Zealand to Raivavae
Rig Failure!
Aug 20, 2010   Fiji
Swimming with manta rays
Feb 24, 2010   New Zealand
Day 1,000
Nov 1, 2009   Tonga
Big fish on!
Sep 29, 2009   Niue
Tsunami warning!
Aug 25, 2009   Bora Bora, Society Islands
Join our CREW
Jun 11, 2009   Makemo, Tuamotus
Running a pass
May 2, 2009   Fatu Hiva, Marquesas
Sweet land after 28 days at sea
Apr 17, 2009   Passage - Galapagos to Marquesas
What it really feels like to sail over 3,000 nautical miles in the South Pacific
Feb 24, 2009   Panama City, Panama
Carnaval time!
Feb 22, 2009   Panama City, Panama
Our first Pacific Island
Nov 22, 2008   Cartagena, Colombia
The enchanting walled city of Cartagena
Nov 5, 2008   Roatan, Honduras
Angry locals protest power rates
Aug 10, 2008   Rio Dulce, Guatemala
Cruising couple attacked on the Rio Dulce
June 2, 2008   San Pedro, Belize
Dream Time caught in tropical storm 'Arthur' with hurricane strength winds
Feb 25, 2008   Havana, Cuba
Fidel Castro, revolutionary leader and Cuban Prime Minister/President steps down after 49 years
Sept 22, 2007   The Little Coconut That Could
Finding balance during the first few months on Dream Time