Penang, Malaysia
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December 1, 2018 (Day 4,202)
Quick Fix: 04° 12.6 N / 100° 36.1 E
Penang, Malaysia

Discovering Art on The Streets of Penang
We've spent a week exploring the island of Penang and the crumbling UNESCO streets of George Town, the island's capital city named in the 1700s to honor King George III. Today George Town is a bustling city, the second largest in Malaysia, and has the traffic congestion to prove it. The narrow streets within the original city, once the center of the region's spice trade, is a satisfying fusion of colonial and Asian architecture complete with Chinese lanterns, crooked window shutters and tiled roofs. Thick slabs of plaster have fallen away in many areas to reveal worn stacks of dusty red brick that appear held together more by gravity than cement. And endearing art can be appreciated down almost every street and alleyway. Some we found using popular guidebooks while others, like a crouched Hindu woman praying amongst the old roots of a banyan tree, we were thrilled to discover all on our own, and far from the crowds.