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Happy New Year!

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Day 3,879 - Sydney, Australia
13:25 hrs - January 12, 2018

We’re off to a bonza 2018. With 25 knots of tailwind and the EAC (East Australian Current) sweeping us south, Dream Time raced down the coast from Brisbane to Sydney under a pure cerulean sky at an average speed of almost 8 knots. Trust me, that’s pretty impressive for a 34 foot waterline. It was so lively, in fact, that for two days the EasiYo yogurt mix we had fermenting in its little canister refused to set and was blended into a curdled globby mess.

Although only a modest 400 nautical mile passage, it was an exhilarating first voyage for the New Year, not only due to the speed and the double-digit action of hand steering whilst surfing down the occasional 8 foot swell, but mostly because after our flights out of the country to see family, friends and the uncertainty of our visa renewals, we’re just happy to be home - on Dream Time - and sailing in Australia again.

‘Home’ is an interesting concept for us these days. England has not been my home for many years, just as Northern Ireland has not been Catherine’s. We were so proud to call New York home for over a decade, and always thought it would be. It was where we married, became American citizens, had some of our best times and carved out a real life together. And we love it there. But after ten adventurous years on Dream Time it’s difficult to imagine that even living back in New York, or in fact settling down to any one region or routine, could ever compare.

You see, we’ve replaced just one neighborhood that we love with dozens: Caye Caulker, Rotoava, Tahiti, Moorea, Auckland, Nouméa - these little pockets around the world feel as familiar to us now as Long Beach, New York once did, back in 2007, before we donned our captain hats and set off on this crazy journey.

And we can add Sydney to our list of neighborhoods now. We’re familiar with almost every bay, cove and anchorage around the harbour. We know where to find the best bakery (Rose Bay); where to anchor to get the freshest fish (Blackwattle); or the best fish and chips (Watson’s); a perfect beach for skinny dipping (Cobblers); the best coastal running track (Hermit Bay), or even just the most convenient laundry-mat (Manly Cove). And we’ve met landlubbers, racers and cruisers here, awesome people that will be our friends for life.

Yep, Sydney definitely feels like our neighborhood now, and with three months of summer sailing ahead, we’re thankful to be back. And to return to find our boat adorning the cover of Australia’s most circulated sailing magazine (Cruising Helmsman), well, that just makes it official, Dream Time is home.

Jan 2, 2018     |     We've got our visas, I even got a swanky Australian bush hat complete with fly-stoppers as a Chrissy gift (thanks cousins!) - we're ready to go walkabout...

January 1, 2018 (day 3,868)
Quick Fix: 27° 57.0 S / 153° 25.3 E
Conditions:  Wind: 10/SE  Sky: Cloudy with thunderstorms

Happy New Year!
We almost didn't make it back in time as visa renewals proved to be more complicated than expected and, at one point, Australian authorities were requiring lengthy criminal background checks from every country we've spent more than 12 months in over the last 10 years (New Caledonia, New Zealand, French Polynesia...). But a different approach helped our applications get approved, and although we didn't have time to sail down to Sydney for the festivities, we welcomed 2018 anchored in Surfer's Paradise on the Gold Coast. It's great to be back on Dream Time, we have an epic year of cruising ahead, one that will take us up to Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, but first... a few months of summer sailing in Sydney Harbour. Happy New Year! XOXOXOXOXOXO


Jan 1, 2018     |     To old friends and new - may 2018 bring peace, happiness and pure sublime, love Neville & Catherine, on the good ship Dream Time.