Bari, Italy
 June 12, 2019    |   read entry >

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June 11, 2019    |   Amalfi, Italy - Driving east on the Amalfi coast whilst scoping out potential anchorages for Dream Time.

June 10, 2019    |   Castiglione, Italy - Taking an afternoon stroll into Amalfi for a gelato fix.

June 8, 2019 (Day 4,391)
Amalfi, Italy

Road Trip
We've taken a five-day vacanza from boat projects to drive across the ankle of Italy to a stretch of bitumen that ranks as one of the best in the world - the Amalfi Coast. This famous road clings and winds around stunning cliffs from Sorrento to Salerno and around every hairpin turn delivers views so breathtakingly spectacular, you want only to stop and soak in the panoramic. But pause, or even slow for just a second and gesticulating locals in your rearview will let their annoyances be heard. It's a white-knuckle drive where convex mirrors warn of oncoming hazards; in many places the road is too narrow for passing traffic, yet coaches somehow squeeze through, and there's certainly no room for bulldozers so road repairs have to be performed with a shovel and mules. It's a scene right out of a James Bond movie, and so absolutely captivating we have decided to return in Dream Time, join the celebrities in their mega yachts anchored off Positano (where hotels can cost €1,500 a night!), relax with a little Limoncello, and enjoy the view for free.



June 8, 2019    |   Amalfi, Italy - Arriving in Castiglione - wow!


June 7, 2019    |   Amalfi, Italy - A road trip from Bari (on the east coast of Italy) to Positano (on the west) along the famous Amalfi Drive.

June 3, 2019 (Day 4,386)
Quick Fix: 41° 08.1 N / 16° 50.8 E
Bari, Italy

Molto Bene!
Our 160 nm sail from Greece to Italy was an overnight broad reach adrenaline ride in thirty knots of wind, that had us arriving in Bari (on Italy’s heel) in a fashion that had one local mariner nodding in approval and welcoming us with, ‘Bene! Molto bene!’ Bari is a working port that has been in operation for over two thousand years. The old city is a charming network of narrow cobbled streets and crooked, crumbling stone buildings sagging with age. But it's not a theme park reserved only for tourists, this old city is still very much home to Italians that have lived here for generations. Laundry hangs off balconies above uneven streets far too narrow for most American cars to transit. Locals zip around on Vespa scooters, three-wheeled Ape Piaggio's, or impossibly small Fiat 500s built in the 1950s, and they almost always seem to be shouting at someone. We've sailed back in time, and we love it. The food's not bad either, especially the gelato!