Otranto, Italy
 July 11, 2019    |   read entry >


July 11, 2019    |   Otranto, Italy - Pushed, squeezed & shoved. Dream Time trapped in a Mediterranean moshpit while winds outside gust to 30 knots.

July 10, 2019    |   Otranto, Italy - Finding shelter from an approaching storm just outside the old walled city of Otranto.



July 1, 2019 (Day 4,414)
Quick Fix: 41° 08.1 N / 16° 50.8 E
Bari, Italy

Warm Limoncello
We just returned to the boat to discover an eye-watering stench wafting from Dream Time's cabin. It seems while we were away exploring Croatia our fridge/freezer compressor, after 9 years of faithful service, most of which was in the tropics, decided to finally give up, letting our supply of frozen meat and cold vegetables stew in their own warm gooey juices for a few days while cabin temperatures soared to a rank 90 degrees. We had planned to sail south last week but we're now waiting for a new compressor to arrive - thankfully the city has an unlimited supply of gelato. We're also shopping like locals now, who only seem to buy enough groceries for one meal at a time, which of course with no fridge and a European heat wave, we have no choice. We hope to be back in business this week when we'll continue our voyage to Sicily. We could leave without fixing the fridge, but I like my Limoncello cold, so it's worth the wait.