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zeroXTE update: Dream Time is undergoing an extensive refit while COVID-19 restricts movement around the world. During this time we will periodically share progress of her project work, and we will continue to feature 'Where We Were Today...' - highlights from our thirteen-year world voyage. Please, stay safe.


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Where We Were Today... August 10 2018
Komodo National Park, Indonesia

This was a 'controlled' photo shoot taken by an official park ranger. But a few days earlier, walking on an isolated beach after a two-day sail from Kupang, Neville narrowly missed an encounter with wild Komodo dragons which, he later learned, were the most aggressive in the park. Read our August 10th, 2018 entry >


Where We Were Today... August 6, 2011
Tahiti, French Polynesia

This is a 'small' wave at the world-famous Teahupoo break off Tahiti-iti. A few weeks later, on September 1st, swell from a monstrous South Pacific low pressure system sent swell three times larger to the island. Waves so large they cancelled the Billabong Surf competition and had Dream Time trapped in a lagoon with waves so high it was too dangerous to leave the boat. Read our August 6th, 2011 entry >

23 Years to Lady Musgrave

Where We Were Today... August 1, 2017
The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Many Australian mariners consider Lady Musgrave a bucket list destination, and it's easy to see why. The lagoon offers some of the healthiest coral and marine life on the southern reef; the uninhabited sand and coral island provides a convincing castaway experience; water is clear and offers all the lustrous shades and hues of the tropics; the anchorage is safe and protected in all but the wildest of conditions; and right now, during whale season, humpbacks splash and frolic in calm waters whilst lazily circling the lagoon like seafaring sentries. Read our August 1st, 2017 entry >