Moreton Bay, Australia
 July 14, 2017     |      read entry >

April 2017 blogs


July 14, 2017     |    Stradbroke Island, Australia - Spotted twelve humpback whales today off Staddie's Point Lookout.


JuLY 8, 2017 (day 3,691)
Quick Fix: 27° 27.2 S / 153° 11.3 E
Conditions:  Wind: 3/SW Sky: Clear

Family Support
Today, with cousin Alan braving wintry waters whilst holding his palm flat against an underwater thru-hole fitting, we successfully managed to replace a failed seacock with a shiny new one without sending Dream Time to Davy Jones's Locker. The yard in Moreton Bay strongly suggested we get hauled for the project, while a professional diver expressed concern supporting an in-water seacock replacement. So we took matters into our own hands. The project was a success and we celebrated at Peel Island with a BBQ and balloons jiggling merrily from the rig. We didn't buy balloons to celebrate a new seacock, that would be a little weird, rather the balloons were to celebrate Karen's birthday, the family's exciting move down to Brisbane, new jobs, a new home and new schools. So, welcome to Brissy, cousins, and Alan, thanks for your help, mate!



July 8, 2017     |    Queensland, Australia - A magical canvas of cloud, catching light and casting shadows, if only for a second.


July 2, 2017     |    Freedom! Boat projects complete, anchored in Moreton Bay testing new gear, about to climb the latitudes - the tropics await.